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  • engine architecturezero impact on existing engine architecture
  • fully variablefully variable, high speed actuation
  • CO2 reduction8% CO₂ reduction in the WLTC at low cost

Take a test drive.

Feel the power of efficiency in our VCR demo car

In addition to all our theories and figures, we offer you the opportunity to experience our fuel saving technology by yourself. Car enthusiasts as we are, we feel there isn’t a better way to demonstrate what Variable Compression Ratio can do than getting behind the wheel personally.

Yes, we are excited about our product. However, you taking a test drive is one of those moments we like to take a step back, and let our VCR demo car do the work.

Our collaboration with PSA Groupe resulted in a major step in production readiness: after implementing our VCR technology, the Peugeot 208 GTI consumes less fuel on the one hand and has more power and torque on the other. No modifications had to be made to the engine block itself. The VCR crankshaft was all that was required to upgrade it to a VCR demo car.

What else will you experience during the drive? The VCR powered Peugeot shows that there’s no gear noise and there are no additional vibrations present. Furthermore, the car demonstrates the dynamic behavior and superfast actuation of the VCR system visible on the built in display. The VCR position can be modified from its maximum (13,5:1) to its minimum (8,5:1) within 0,2 seconds; that’s faster than the turbo builds up boost pressure. We suggest we stop talking now. It’s time for you to take a test drive.

Why choose our VCR technology.

A lot of advantages against low production costs

  • enginezero impact on existing engine architecture
  • variablefully variable, high speed actuation
  • co28% CO₂ reduction in the WLTC at low cost
  • costsminimum additional production costs
  • gearsvery low load on VCR gears
  • frictionno additional friction
  • cycletrue 4-stroke cycle
  • powermore power at low compression ratio
  • noiseno gear noise

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