Our mission.

The passion for technology is in our nature

Our story starts at the late ’90s, when powerful engines performing at the top of their technical ability, literally sounded like music to our ears. From that point we knew: high-tech is in our blood. And it’s here to stay. But is it any good?

After the first technical trigger we did some research. This is what we learned: it took 100 years of engine developing to get to an average fuel energy efficiency of 20%.

This means there’s so much left to improve. Next, one passion met another one: the passion for nature. That’s when we started wondering: what’s high-tech power without the power to be more efficient, making the world a better place to live? 

It sounded like a dream at first, but became reality 20 years later. We developed and improved through good times and hard times, keeping our passion alive with all the energy we’ve got.

Finally, we made it to the next stop: merging our high-tech product with the technical engine evolution today’s turbocharged and economical engines went through. From now on, being efficient sounds all natural to us.

The Gomecsys Team

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EUThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 782767.


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