• engine architecturezero impact on existing engine architecture
  • fully variablefully variable, high speed actuation
  • CO2 reduction8% CO₂ reduction in the WLTC at low cost

A product developed with passion.

A fully variable VCR crankshaft

An important advantage of the Gomecsys VCR system is the ease of integration in an existing engine configuration.
The Gomecsys VCR crankshaft uses split eccentrics which are assembled on each crankpin of a one part crankshaft.
The split eccentrics are assembled on the crankpin with special clamps, called “dog bones”.

The eccentrics are all driven by a dedicated gear mechanism. The gear mechanism has to fulfill two functions.
1 – Drive all eccentrics at half the crankshaft speed.
2 - Adjust the position of the eccentrics to achieve to optimum CR position depending on engine load and speed. 90 deg. for max. CR and -70 deg. for min. CR.

Why choose our VCR technology.

A lot of advantages against low production costs

  • enginezero impact on existing engine architecture
  • variablefully variable, high speed actuation
  • co28% CO₂ reduction in the WLTC at low cost
  • costsminimum additional production costs
  • gearsvery low load on VCR gears
  • frictionno additional friction
  • cycletrue 4-stroke cycle
  • powermore power at low compression ratio
  • noiseno gear noise

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EUThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 782767.


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